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Learn how to care for your Chromebook


Power issues, Lock ups, Application issues

Physical Damage

Accidents- Chromebook and Powersupply

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Care / Offline

Tips to Keep Chromebook in Good Shape

Learn how to keep you Chromebook healthy and safe. 

Cleaning Chromebook

Learn the acceptable cleaning agents for Chromebooks. 

Student Working Offline

If you don't have Internet at home, read this document to learn on how to use your Chromebook while offline. 


How to properly charge the Chromebook

Learn how to make sure your Chromebook has enough battery life. If your device won't turn, read about how to troubleshoot your Chromebook to make sure it has enough battery power. 

Contact us for further troubleshooting

We are here to help. 

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Physical Damage

Physical Damage to Device or Charger

If your Chromebook is damaged, click Read More for instructions.