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Where should students store their Chromebooks when they are not in class (PE, lunch, practice, etc.)?

Students need to keep their devices in a secured location at all times when unsupervised.  The best choice for secondary students is to lock their Chromebook in their locker. If a secondary student must leave the device in a car, the locked trunk of the car would be an acceptable as long as it’s not excessively hot or cold. Elementary students should get direction from the classroom teacher when leaving the classroom.  In most instances, the classroom door will be locked if devices have been left unattended.

If on an athletic team or with an activity group, never leave the Chromebooks in school vehicles, in the gym, in a locker room, on a playing field or in other areas where it could be damaged or stolen. Coaches and teachers will advise students on where they can safely store their devices.

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