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What happens if the Chromebook is stolen?

Devices reported as stolen outside of school require an official police report delivered to the school administration.  A $150 fee is required for lost or stolen Chromebooks.  If the fully functional device is later found or returned, this fee will be returned to the family.

Please note, the technology department will have the ability to locate a device that is “lost” or “stolen” inside the school building when the device is turned on.  Also, the Chromebooks are set to only turn on with an active account.  A message will appear when the device is turned on that says, “THIS DEVICE IS OWNED BY THE LEE’S SUMMIT R7 SCHOOL DISTRICT. IT HAS BEEN REPORTED AS LOST OR STOLEN”.

In summary, if the device is stolen, it will be rendered useless to anyone who tries to turn it on as we will have the device locked.

If a student believes their Chromebook was lost or stolen at school, they should report the incident immediately to building administration.


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