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Do Chromebooks support Microsoft Office products?

Chromebooks are designed to work seamlessly with Google Apps for Education products rather than Microsoft Office products.  The district adopted Google Apps for Education in 2012 as an instructional platform and students and staff have had great success using all that Google Apps for Education.   Work in the Google Apps for Education Suite can be downloaded for use in Microsoft Office, if needed.

Google Apps for Education provides students with anytime, anywhere access. Google products are available from any machine at any time. Because Google Docs are cloud-based, students will have access to their work even if they do not have access to their Chromebook.

At this time, Microsoft Office products will not disappear from business labs and staff machines.  If a specific course requires the use of Microsoft Office, then students will have access to the needed software in school.   Microsoft Office is available as a Web App through the Chrome Store for students in a business class to access if they need it for an assignment.


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